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Adventure Cruise

Detailed 14 Day Itinerary of Greece

The adventure begins in Athens where we recommend you spend a few days seeing the historic sites of this dynamic city. We offer 3 to 5 star hotels near the famed Acropolis. Arrangements can also bemade for 1 to 8 day land tours to sites in the interior of Greece (Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Sparta, Meteora and more). While in Athens, visit the Plaka, a charming and safe tourist district in the heart of the city full of traditional tavernas (Greek restaurants), unique souvenir & clothing shops and friendly Athenians. Two good tavernas in the Plaka are the Garden of Eden (Vegetarian) and the central Byzantino Taverna. It is generally worth staying a few days in the city to shake off jet lag and to see the major sites: the Acropolis, Parthenon & Odeon, the Agora (ancient marketplace) and the National Archaeological Museum among other attractions. We can arrange transfers, however taxies are the most convenient way to get from the airport to hotels or directly to the yachts.

Day 1

We have a 'sleep over' in Athens the first night. We recommend that 'by the cabin' guests arrive at the marina around 17:00 so as not to waste time that could be better spent in Athens seeing the sites. A briefing is given at Il Fungho Restaurant which includes important general information on the 'day to day' life on the tours and emphasizes safety.

Day 2

The next morning we have an early sail to Aegina Marina Bay on Aegina island (17 miles, 3 hours). Aegina was the home of the first Greek government after the war of independence. The island was the first place to mint coins in Greece and boasts the best pistachio nuts in the world! Arriving at Aegina Marina Bay, guests can take a 30 - 45 minute uphill hike (bus or taxi also possible) to see the famous Temple of Aphaia. Dedicated to the daughter of Leto (-the goddess Aphaia), the temple was built in the Doric order and dates from the early 5th century B.C. It is the best-preserved temple in the Greek islands with several monolithic columns (one piece columns) and it is the only Doric temple with double standing columns (on top of each other). After the excursion up to the temple, crewmates then enjoy a wonderful swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay and a healthy lunch aboard before sailing on to Poros island (18 miles, 3 hours). Poros is one of the most beautiful views from seaward of any Greek island -get the camera ready! At Poros guests can practice Med. mooring the yacht/s to the sea wall if there is not too much boat traffic. Enjoy a late afternoon cocktail aboard and/or explore the harbor by foot. At around 20:00, sailors assemble for a walk up to the clock tower and view the sunset while identifying Fig trees, Cactus, Bougainvillea, Jasmine bushes and Cyprus on the way. We enjoy a splendid meal under a roof of grape vines at the Garden Taverna. Crews are always given a warm welcome at this friendly, family run taverna. After dinner, the Malibu Bar awaits the real sea salts for a nightcap and the captain may suggest the pool hall / foosball room for the young at heart!

Day 3

We are underway early as we motor through the narrow channel between Poros and the majestic Peleponnese coast -another great photo opportunity! We motor past fortified Bourtzi Island (20 minutes away), which protected this narrow channel when the Venetians were in power. After raising sail, we race other yachts to the tranquil splendor of Spathi Island and bay (11 miles 1.5 hours) for lunch and excellent snorkeling over a clear sandy bottom! After lunch, we set sail for the famous island of Hydra (11 miles 1.5 hours) arriving before 15:00 in order to get a good spot along the small and crowded wharfs. Hydra's harbor has become very busy and in the summer months, yachts can raft four deep bow to stern - expect to be boarded! Before exploring this enchanting town, a cool swim can be enjoyed at Hydra's swimming oasis, which features a buoyed/protected swimming area and flat sun bathing levels cut out of the cliff -there is also a cocktail bar! One of the most famous towns in Greece, Hydra offers visitors art expositions, fine dining, fabulous local handicrafts, exquisite clothing and jewelry shops all set in the winding cobble stone streets surrounded by 18th Century architecture. Stop by Mai Tai for a chat over some Greek coffee with owners Ruth and Kosta. They offer the most exquisite Byzantine and ancient Greek jewelry designs and give excellent discounts to sailing clients, as well as gifts to all newlyweds! Excellent value is found at many shops in Hydra for silver, gold and precious stones. Haggling is the word of the day and Skippers/Program Directors often know the best shops. Fashionable Hydra has been a refuge for artists since the sixties and has many well-known visitors including royalty, film celebrities and music stars such as part-time resident Leonard Cohen. The real beauty of Hydra is the historic architecture and the fact that there are no motorized vehicles on the island - only donkey power! Take the donkey tour of the town! Scuba diving can be enjoyed with Hydra Divers, who offer personable, qualified instruction and guidance for all levels of diving. Arrangements can be made for a morning dive on the second day at Hydra. In the last century, Hydra figured prominently as its population was fifteen thousand compared with Athens at only six thousand. During the Greek War of Independence with the Turks, Hydra provided a powerful fleet of naval vessels. The leader of the Greek navy, Admiral Miaoulis, was a Hydriot. The most famous boats were the 'fire ships' which were small fishing boats loaded with gun powder that sailed out, in the cover of night, and tied up alongside much larger Turkish gun ships. The fire ships were ignited and the end result was devastating for the Turkish navy. Greece won its independence from Turkey in 1821. Every June, Hydra has the Miaoulis (Fire Ships) Festival where the locals ignite fireworks and burn a ship in the harbor. We spend the better part of two days at Hydra allowing ample time to explore. A dinner excursion begins by watching the sunset from the outer wharf or up at the fortified sunset lookout followed by a walk through Hydra's labyrinth of streets all the way to Kristina & Manolis Taverna's roof garden. This is one of the best tavernas on our carefully researched gastronomic circuit! Favorite dishes are all the starters including: deep fried Saganaki cheese, Fava (giant bean) dip, beetroots served with Skordalia (garlic sauce), grilled peppers stuffed with feta cheese and of course Greek salad! After dinner, Hydra offers starry nightlife at Hydranetta, a beautiful cocktail bar built into the cliffs, Disco Heaven for those who want to dance and Pirates Bar the best watering hole around the harbor!

Day 4

Program Directors and flotilla boat crews spend the morning provisioning the yachts for the next two days. The plan is to moor under the stars for two nights - if the weather allows. Guests have a free morning and afternoon as the yachts usually leave Hydra town between 14:00--15:00. We suggest a leisurely 30 minute hike south along the coastal stone pathway leading sailors to picturesque Kamini harbor. The view looking out over the tiny fishing cove, the Saronic Gulf and Peloponnese mountains is breathtaking. In exchange for a restaurant lunch ashore, guests aboard Archaeological lead boats are treated to a Beach barbecue for dinner. A great lunch spot in Kamini harbors is Kodylenia's taverna or in Hydra town eat lunch at the Vigla Restaurant, which is situated in the southeast corner of busy Hydra harbor. After a nice lunch and last minute shopping guests sail the yacht/s (12 miles, 2 hours) to the
beautiful, secluded shingle beach of Aghios Nicholaus Bay. This is a very popular spot amongst our guests as the half-mile pebble beach is gorgeous and the crystal clear waters offer interesting snorkeling. Program Directors assemble a stone barbecue pit with help from the crew and then marinated chicken, baked potatoes and coleslaw is cooked and enjoyed back aboard the yachts - followed by star gazing! If the wind is from the Southeast then another alluring private bay option is the uninhabited island of Dokos for the barbecue. Little known and deserted Dokos harbors Early Hellenic II ruins and the resting place of the oldest known shipwreck (1500 B.C.), explored by Jacques Cousteau. Pottery shards are abundant which make for great snorkeling!

Day 5

The yacht departs Hydra at 06:00 for the long haul out into the Cycladic (circular) islands (80 miles, 9-12hours- off the beaten course!) and arrives before sunset at the volcanic island of Milos. The destination is Kleftiko - a set of bays surrounded by 150-300 foot cliffs riddled with swim-through sea caves. Upon our arrival, guests help moor the yachts securely for the night, and then snorkel or dinghy through the sea caves. A delicious Italian meal is included and prepared aboard by the crew and Program Director of each boat. The most dramatic night of the tour follows - eating topside under the bright Aegean night sky. The fantastic cliff setting makes this stop one of the highlights of the tour. See the Poseidon Charters color brochure cover.

Day 6

Most of the day is spent at Kleftiko, swimming/snorkeling or motoring in the dinghy around the cliffs, through grottos and up to the beaches. Of interest are the ancient man made bollards carved into the rock that are scattered throughout these secret caves. Kleftiko's caves were used for shelter and the cliffs as a lookout by pirates and perhaps even the Knights of Saint Johns during the Crusades. At 14:00 or 15:00 the yachts make their way around the island into the volcanic crater to Adamas port (18 miles, 3 hours). Cruising around the island, it is fascinating to observe the volcanic composition of this, the most geologically interesting island on the tour. Guests help moor the yachts to the sea wall and have time to explore the harbor and have a shower. At 18:00-19:00 we jump on the bus up to the town of Tripiti where we visit the ancient Greek amphitheater that the famous and enigmatic Venus of Milos used to adorn. A magical evening meal is enjoyed at Erginas Ouzeri - a restaurant overlooking the huge volcanic crater. Ergina's Ouzeri is one of the best restaurants on the tour featuring over sixty local Milos delicacies. Ergina and her husband Lukianos boast that all delicacies served are homemade and enticingly fresh - they make their own pasta, mayonnaise and even sun dry the tomatoes on the roof! Taxis are used to return to the port. In May, Ergina's is not open so we eat at nearby Glaros Taverna which also serves delicious unique Milos specialties.

Day 7

After an early provisioning and exploration of the port of Adamas, including the Geological Museum, we sail over the north coast of Milos and make way for the island of Ios (50 miles 8-10 hours). Ios is the resting place of Homer and our halfway stop on the tour. The yachts are moored in the main harbor for two or three nights (depending on the ferry schedule to Santorini). Upon arrival, guests can swim at a wonderful fresh water pool at Ios Camping near the harbor - a great way to freshen up, as the sail can be salty! If you prefer the sea, Ios offers the nicest beaches in the central Aegean - Milopotas and Manganari (Ios' crystal clear water provided the shooting location for the award winning underwater film The Big Blue). If there is a Friday afternoon/evening ferry to Santorini, guests can travel to Santorini and spend two nights in a pre-arranged villa/apartment. Usually the ferry schedule calls for a Saturday ferry to Santorini on the next day, so guests remain in Ios for the night. For dinner, guests take a bus up to the Chora (hilltop town) and enjoy an exquisite meal at Lord Byron's Taverna (Greek with a Californian Twist). Many guests agree that Lord Byron's Taverna is the best restaurant on the 2-week tour - the self-taught chef, Vasilli, is a creative genius. Ios is best known however, for the notorious nightlife at a multitude of discos and clubs (300+) up on the chora. Ask your Skipper/Program Director for a pub-crawl!

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