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Two healthy meals are served aboard each day and consist of the following: Breakfast - coffee, tea, orange juice, freshly baked bread, cereal, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit. A hot breakfast may be prepared on some mornings. Generally breakfasts are light as a result of the heat in Greece and are a great start to the day before heading out to sites or onto the water. Lunch - consists of salads: green, vegetable, tuna, egg, coleslaw, potato or pasta salads served with fresh bread, an assortment of cheeses as well as Poseidon Charter's famous Greek salad dressing. Also cold cuts, olives, capers, peppers, Greek dips (tzatziki, fish roe & egg plant salad) and fruit are served! Lunches are usually served in the shaded cockpit while anchored in secluded bays. Stops are often made for lunch, a swim and a snorkel. Beverages such as soft drinks, ice tea and bottled water are included and stowed on board. In the afternoon we also offer coffee or tea and sweets such as cookies to tide us over until dinner. The galley is always well stocked in the event of unforeseen meals. Guests are expected to help prepare, serve and clean up after meals. Guests are advised to bring aboard their own specialty and snack foods, alcohol, mixer drinks and ice. These items may be purchased at reasonable rates on all inhabited islands

Life Aboard Ship

One of the unique attributes of the Aegean Adventure Cruise is that it is a hands on adventure tour and not a fully crewed charter. Guests are considered part of the crew and are encouraged to take part in all aspects of life aboard ship including navigation, sailing, taking watches, practicing mooring procedures as well as helping in the galley. Fellow crewmates, Captains and Program Directors develop a mutual respect aboard each voyage thus group dynamics are exceptionally good. Topside, the deck allows ample room for guests to enjoy their own solitude. Below deck, guests can relax in a comfortable salon and private cabins. Upon arrival at island ports, guests explore the islands on their own and can participate in the planned group excursions to sites with Program Directors. Ashore, guests can access Internet cafes, digital telephone service, 24-hour cash machines and laundry and shower services at many ports.

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