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The Wind and Sea

Charter sailing can be affected by the weather. The seas in the Saronic and Aegean are generally calmand offer exceptional sailing conditions. Sporadically, Poseidon (God of the sea and storms) is responsible for the famous 'Meltemi' wind. This is typically a northerly which can develop into 30-40 mph and is more common during the hotter times of year (July, August and September). The Meltemi is created by high and low pressure systems at opposite ends of the Mediterranean. The 'Sirocco' or southeast wind can also blow hard but for the last two seasons we have experienced more south westerly or 'Ostra' than any other wind. This southwest wind rounds the bottom of the Peleponese and is an excellent wind to sail heading east out to the central Aegean. The sea can be as flat as a mirror, but a short chop of 1 meter is common. When the God Poseidon gets restless 3 to 5+ meter swells can develop. This is a challenge but not a problem for the larger yachts used for the 'Aegean Adventure Cruises and Flotillas Program'.

Ferries, high-speed catamarans and hydrofoils connect almost all of our island circuit directly, which is a nice option or those who would rather not experience the wild Aegean Sea when it gets windy. Occasionally some guests opt to ferry certain legs of the circuit and meet the yacht/s at the next port of call. As in all sailing holidays, rough weather conditions may alter the proposed itinerary and stop flotillas. Bad weather combined with longer crossings can make for fatigue so longer passages are broken up by several day stops (Hydra, Milos, Ios and Mykonos). Captains and program Directors inform the guests of rougher conditions before setting out. It is rare that heavy wind or bad weather affects the itinerary as only 10% of the trips were delayed for a day or two in the last two full sailing seasons. There are three long crossings in the two-week trip: 50, 60 and 80 mile days are required to travel out into the Aegean and back, so guests must appreciate that this trip can be both relaxing and challenging if the wind and seas are rough. The itinerary may be added to with additional swim stops if the weather and time allows and may also be reduced as a result of bad weather.

Marine Life

Dolphins often swim at the bow while we sail. Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles sun themselves on the surface in Greek waters. Sardines, tuna, swordfish, rays and mackerel are also often seen on the surface. Scuba diving is available at Hydra and Mykonos and divers and snorkelers can see moray eels, eagle and sand rays, octopus, kalamari, crayfish, rock lobster, crabs, triton and nautilus shells, nudibranchs, jellyfish, scorpion fish and many other colorful fish -but this is not the tropics. As a result of the high salt content (3.8% salt) the ecosystem has far fewer species than the tropics but the water is much more buoyant and offers incredibly clear visibility. There are no sharks so the only danger is stepping on a sea urchin! Sea sponges are incredibly colorful coral encrustations cover rocks and caves. Fantastic archaeological treasures can be seen on many dives.

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