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Poseidon Charters invites you

to participate in our 2008

Croatia Flotilla Program!


Join Poseidon International and see why Croatia has become the most sought after yacht charter destination in Europe. Croatia offers 3,000 miles of spectacular Adriatic coastline with 1185 island jewels -all set right in the heart of Europe! Explore UNESCO heritage towns and wander through enchanting medieval architecture, visit pristine national parks, dine on superb seafood and celebrate some of Europe’s best night life! See what all the ‘travel buzz’ is about… Experience Croatia!

ITINERARY: The two–week ‘Cultural Cruise’ covers the most complete itinerary in the Croatian flotilla industry! It is roughly 270miles and takes in the most important archaeological and historical islands in the Adriatic between Split and Dubrovnik.

Day 1 Arrive at Marina 17:00. Dinner & sleep over Day 9 Stari Grad to Bol beach on Brac, then to Hvar town. Explore town & night life. 28M
Day 2 Explore Split, (Diocletian’s Palace). Dinner, briefing & historical dinner theatre toga party! Day 10 Explore fort in AM, sail to Korcula. 35M
Day 3 Split to Primosten after yacht rendez-vous. Explore the quaint town. 21M (Miles) Day 11 Visit home of Marco Polo, sail to Polace on garden island of Mljet. 18M
Day 4 Primosten past Sibenik up Krka river to Skradin. Explore Krka Falls & Park & great dining. 21M Day 12 Visits Mljet national park and monastery on inland lake then sail to Saipan. 23M
Day 5 Skradin to Kornati Park & Vrulje Uvala bay. 39M Day 13 Visit Saipan in AM, sail to Dubrovnik. 8M
Day 6 Vrulje Uvala bay to Stupica Bay on Smokvica island. Swim and dinner under stars 34M Day 14 Explore beautiful Dubrovnik all day.
Day 7 Smokvica to West Stari Grad bay for a lunch stop, and swim, then on to Trogir. 10M Day 15 Farewell at Dubrovnik at 09:00
Day 8 Explore Trogir town in the AM then sail to Stari Grad town on Hvar, divine dining. 28M    


Day 1 (Saturday): Arrive at Split Airport and follow your arrival instructions to your yacht ‘meeting point’. Our lead and flotilla yachts are located in the ACI and Nava Yachts bases, which are within walking distance to the sites and Split town center. Guests will board the yachts, settle in and get some rest. A short welcome briefing will take place at the ACI Marina restaurant with the official Flotilla welcome and introductory briefing taking place the next night. The ACI Marina restaurant offers good local beer on tap (Ožujsko and Karlovacko) and delicious fish among other Adriatic and western dishes. For those who are already rested, the town of Split offers many fine restaurants, lounges and night clubs. An alternative to spending the first night aboard the yacht is the Park Hotel which is in the heart of the city and directly across the park from the Terra Restaurant. The cost is approximately USD$200* per dbl room per night for a very comfortable night’s sleep and a great breakfast.

Day 2 (Sunday): The day is spent visiting the historical sites in Split including the world famous UNESCO heritage site, ‘Diocletian’s Palace’ (305 BC). The Roman emperor Diocletian commissioned the construction of the palace after he had fallen in love with the bay of Split named after a Greek flower. Diocletian christened this town the “Flower of the Adriatic” and built one of the most beautiful palaces in the Roman Empire. Other must-see sites include the Museum of Split and the grand waterfront promenade. In the evening guests meet at Terra Restaurant for the formal flotilla welcome. Sailors don gold trimmed togas and can participate in a Roman dinner theatre complete with live Croatian music and the story of Split’s history. Terra Restaurant is in the city center and can be reached by taxi or foot from the ACI & Nava Yachts base. Note: This fun introductory evening must be booked in advance with our office as space is limited. A flotilla skippers ‘chart briefing’ will take place after dinner at the restaurant.

Day 3 (Monday): The yachts leave the marinas at 08:00 for a rendez-vous down the coast. Once together, the flotilla sail NW to a beautiful bay for a late morning swim and early lunch. After lunch, yachts sail to the quaint town of Primosten (21 miles total). Upon arrival, the vessels will moor on mooring balls, if available, or anchor on the sandy bottom. We recommend using the mooring balls wherever possible as they are the most secure way of mooring. The day will be spent exploring tiny Primosten town, which offers some lovely cafes, a pretty 15th century church, a market and the Panorama Restaurant for dinner -overlooking the Adriatic sunset. Delicacies include delicious Dentex fish and the smooth local red wine called Babich.

Day 4: (Tuesday): The next day, the flotilla races north heading for the inlet leading to Sibenik town. We follow the fresh water source up the Krka River to the picturesque village of Skradin (21 miles total), our access point to the beautiful Krka Waterfalls and Krka National Park. Yachts drop anchor off Skradin and guests can swim in beautiful fresh waters of the river. Half the day is dedicated to hiking into the National Park and visiting the falls. River boats run every hour to access the park. The falls are spectacular as they cascade down the hills forming numerous emerald pools and multiple waterfall areas. Hiking, swimming and photography make the afternoon unforgettable. Wildlife includes 200 bird species including seagulls, grey herons and egrets. Upon return, guests explore the lovely village of Skradin and dinner is featured at Bonaca Konoba, konoba meaning a traditional Croatian restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants on our Croatian program and features delicately seared steaks with gorgonzola sauce and sumptuous scampi in a zesty tomato sauce among many dishes including river eel! The local wine is delicious and the ambience is magical.

Day 5 (Wednesday): Starting early on one of our longest passages, the flotilla retraces its tracks following the Krka River downstream, past Sibenik and back out the Adriatic. The morning light offers a nice view of St. Nicholas Fortress built to prevent sea access to Sibenik. Heading north, we enter the Kornati National Marine Park. This area features 147 islands with little to no development. The yellow herbs growing wild all over these beautiful islands give them a striking canary yellow glow sandwiched between the blue sea and sky. The Kornati area is the pride of every Croatian. Our anchorage for the evening is the enchanting Bay of Vrulje Uvala (39 miles total). The yachts can dock to the small jetty of Konoba Robinson or take a mooring ball just off the dock. A hike up the rolling island hills allows a beautiful sweeping view of this endless island playground. Collect some local oregano, thyme or rosemary and make your way down after sunset for another delectable dinner of seafood and local wine.

Day 6 (Thursday): The next morning after a swim, the flotilla heads around the northern Kornati Islands, through the narrows, running east with the current onto a slightly different sea level! A lunch stop is enjoyed in a beautiful bay at Kornat Island. Heading south, the flotilla overnights in Stupica Bay on Smokvica Island (34 miles total) or another island based on the weather forecast. Guests enjoy dinner aboard under the stars!

Day 7 (Friday): The next morning after a swim/snorkel around the bay, the fleet sails to West Stari Grad Bay for a lunch stop, and then sails on to Trogir town (10 miles). The yachts take mooring balls or drop anchor in the bay just off the town’s red port marker. Trogir is a busy yet delightful, medieval town founded on an ancient Greek settlement dating from 380 BC. The Romans then came in 78AD and in the Middle Ages it was Byzantine, Saracen, Hungarian and then Venetian. The rich history and unique architecture have made Trogir a UNESCO world heritage site. The town is easily toured in a day and offers good shopping and provisioning for the yachts in an interesting open street market. Sites to see are Kamerlengo Fort, St. Mark’s Tower, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence with its beautiful Romanesque door, the Church of John the Baptist and other wondrous architecture such as Stafileo Palace. For dinner, yacht crews are welcome to choose their own konoba or pizzeria. If guests have enjoyed the culinary pace so far, we recommend Kamerlengo Konoba which offers fresh seafood and excellent wine in a truly divine garden atrium setting accessible down a 16th century cobblestone laneway. The staff is friendly and professional. This is the last night with the one-week flotilla guests as they return their yachts the next morning. Farewell and safe travels!

Day 8 (Saturday): One week guests must leave early to return the vessels to Split by 09:00. Two week guests set sail to the famous island of Hvar and the charming town of Stari Grad which means ‘old town’ (28 miles). Stari Grad is a sleepy, fishing town once known as the settlement of Pharos, named after the Greek Aegean island of Paros. Yachts can dock ‘stern to’, taking mooring lines from shore. The most alluring thing is the slow pace of Stari Grad. The waterfront is enchanting and the town’s main square offers St. Stephen’s Church, a beautiful 17th Century shrine. The ancient Greek stone walls have been excavated and can be seen encircling the original settlement. There is also an interesting ship wreck display and artifacts from the home of the Italian Bianchini family, who left their home and possessions as a museum ‘time capsule’. On the first floor of the mansions one can watch a dive documentary and see the ceramic cargo of an ancient Roman wreck discovered and excavated off the coast of Hvar in 1980. Dinner is best sought at Jurin Podrum Konoba which is recommended by the “Moore Culinary Guide” of best restaurants in Croatia. Enticing meals include octopus salad, lobster risotto and seafood pasta with prawns and a starter of anchovy wrapped green olives!

Day 9 (Sunday): An exciting day for all waits as the yachts make their way NE across the channel to spectacular Bol Beach on the island of Brac (10 miles). This is a golden stretch of sand forming a pointed peninsula where a unique phenomenon occurs: the tip changes direction during the day as the tide shifts pushing the sand in the opposite direction! Guests can anchor the yachts just off the lee shore and enjoy a dip or a cool drink at a beach bar after walking along the powdery sand. In the afternoon, enjoy a spirited sail SW to Hvar town (18 miles) and drop anchor close to the seawall under the formidable shadows of Spanjola Fortress -the Venetian citadel which looms over the town. Hvar town became the capital in 1420 and the Venetians used its safe harbor for its merchant marine fleet. Many famous artists and writers were born in Hvar and in 1620 the very first public theatre in Europe was opened in the Arsenal building on the south side of the main square. Wander the cobblestone streets of the city dubbed the “Jewel of the Adriatic”, and explore the Cathedral of St. Stephen with its 17th century bell tower, religious icons and oil masterpieces housed inside. This is an open night for guests to choose their own restaurant. One of the top restaurants is Lucalus Konoba which is set inside the walls of an ancient medieval courtyard. There are also a multitude of quaint pizzerias scattered throughout the labyrinth of medieval arches and passageways. After dinner, Hvar offers excellent cafes and the best night-life on the tour. *Note: Hvar is the most visited of all the Dalmatian islands and can more expensive than others.

Day 10 (Monday): Guests visit Spanjola Fortress, which was built between the 13th and 16th centuries and is the most beautiful fort on the Croatian coast. Hike the 1100 stairs up to the Citadel and view the entire town and surrounding bay from this strategic location. After a morning tour and some souvenir shopping in Hvar, it is time to sail to the famous island and town of Korcula, - home of Marco Polo (35 miles)! Sailing by this fortified peninsula town is a great photo opportunity. Yachts drop anchor in the large, safe bay adjacent to Korcula and crews explore. The town is a gem for historians, as there are many remarkable buildings including the fortified Land Gate entrance to the old town, the 13th century St. Mark’s Cathedral with its spectacular sculpted Gothic doorway complete with spiral columns, gargoyles and the figure of St. Mark. There are a number of museums including one dedicated to Marco Polo which is said to be located in the house where he lived. The Civic Museum houses an exceptional display of art, coins, icons, dress and artifacts which are well worth seeing. For dinner, the numerous restaurants and pizzerias along the rounded eastern promenade offer a beautiful view of the sea under towering oak and eucalyptus trees

Day 11 (Tuesday): The fleet sails SE to the green island of Mljet (18 miles) and ‘Mediterranean Moors’ to a wooden dock at Konoba Sponga in the dusty fishing village of Polace. A ‘sponga’ is a type of Mediterranean rock lobster found in this area and the restaurant owners reveal their ‘live well’ of sponga, spiny lobster and numerous fish species under the wooden dock. Choose your fish or crustacean and enjoy a range of courtesy grappa and spirits! The best starter in the house is the octopus salad with feta cheese! Before sunset, a walk up the dirt road away from town, offers a spectacular view of Polace and the dramatic coast of Mljet.

Day 12 (Wednesday): The next morning a National Parks minibus picks up visitors and brings them to the breath-taking Holm Oak and Aleppo Pine forests of the Mljet National Park. The minibus drops off hikers at an inland salt water lake 2 miles away where guests embark a small vessel and are taken to a sacred island where Benedictine Monks built a monastery in 12th century AD. The visit to the monastery and the hike around the island grounds is like a visit to the Garden or Eden – it is spiritually uplifting! Take a dip in the clear, buoyant waters and you feel as though you have found the ‘Fountain of Youth’! There are nature hikes and additional activities such as mountain biking to do in the park as well.

Later in the day, the yachts sail E to the serene Elaphite Island of Sipan (23 miles). This is a very tranquil bay where guests can arrange a slip or anchor in the bay. The highlight is the walk around the bay past some beautiful bougainvilleas to Konoba Kod Marka, the best restaurant on the tour where reservations are required. For a fixed price per person, the entire meal is an experience in gourmet Mediterranean dining! Starting with prosciutto and melon, then a lobster risotto is served followed by anchovy wrapped olives and a seared tuna or beef steak. Dessert is chocolate mousse with tea or coffee and of course, grappa! The sunset view across the bay is breath-taking and a warm story is told inside the restaurant about the fish in the aquarium. The owner of the restaurant caught a baby grouper off the restaurant seawall and had placed it in an aquarium. The fish’s name is Maria and she is now 8 years old and 14lbs. Grouper is one of the most sought after fishes in Croatia, but Maria is safe!

Day 13 and 14 (Thursday and Friday): We sail the short distance from Sipan (8 miles) to the last stop on our tour, Dubrovnik, allowing guests a great photo opportunity in front of the old harbor. The very luxurious ACI Dubrovnik Marina is our base for the next two nights to explore one of the most historic and beautiful of all European cities and the highlight of our program. The marina is a bus ride from the old town and offers the following services: docking assistance, swimming pool, great washrooms and a good restaurant & bar for all types of meals. Dubrovnik was founded by the Romans, taken over by the Byzantine Empire, the Venetians and then the Hungarians before becoming a republic in its own right in 1382. The small harbor became home to the largest fleet of merchant marine vessels in the Mediterranean with over 500 ships! The most interesting way to learn about Dubrovnik’s rich history and the many architectural wonders is to rent a headset and take the walking tour around the 10th century fortified city walls. The city has returned to its pre-Yugoslavian war glory through a special commission set up by the European Union and UNESCO for reconstruction. The very best restaurant, Nautica, is located just outside the city’s main entrance drawbridge. The food and service is 5-star with a divine view of the city’s north walls and Bokar Fort.

Day 15 (Saturday): Disembark the vessels by 09:00 and get a taxi to the airport. This itinerary may also be followed in the opposite direction starting in Dubrovnik and ending in Split. Inquire upon reservation for the specific itinerary.

This is not a cruise ship holiday. It is a hands-on adventure where guests participate in all aspects of life aboard ship: partaking in raising sail, navigation, taking watches, practicing Med-Mooring, as well as helping prepare, serve and clean up the two light meals aboard each day. We ask that you consider your expectations; physical abilities; psychology in staying aboard a small vessel; dietary requirements as there are limitations on what is available and how well you enjoy the company of others before you decide to join our tour. Other considerations are sea sickness, heat stroke, exhaustion and allergies. Guests must appreciate that they are only one member of a crew and that they may affect others. For the enjoyment of all crew members, it is imperative that guests maintain a ‘positive group dynamic’ throughout the charter. Guests must respect all crewmates and in particular, follow the direction of the Captain and Program Director who are responding to the needs and safety of ALL guests on board. Guests are expected to be mindful of each other, especially in early morning and night hours. Excessive drinking and cattiness will not be tolerated. “THE CAPTAIN’S WORD IS LAW.”

Two healthy meals are provided aboard the lead yachts each day for cabin-charter guests. Breakfasts are generally self-serve and light and are a great start to the day before heading out to sites or onto the water. Breakfast will include fresh bread, cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit along with coffee, tea, and orange juice. A hot breakfast may be prepared on some mornings. Lunches are usually served in the shaded cockpit while anchored in secluded bays. Lunch consists of salads- green, vegetable, tuna, chicken, egg, coleslaw, potato or pasta salads served with fresh bread, an assortment of cheeses and/or cold cuts. Also olives, capers, peppers, dips and fruit may be served. Stops are often made for lunch, a swim and a snorkel. Beverages such as soft drinks, iced tea and bottled water are included and stowed on board. In the afternoon, we also offer coffee or tea and sweets such as cookies to tide us over until dinner. Guests are expected to help prepare, serve and clean up after meals. Guests are advised to bring aboard their own specialty and snack foods, alcohol, mixer drinks and ice. These items may be purchased at reasonable rates in all towns

There are numerous ways to get to the town of Split Croatia. The best flight routing, to allow our tour’s one-way sail from Split to Dubrovnik, is to fly with British Airways from Gatwick Airport UK to Split and out of Dubrovnik. British Airways allows a different return airport on their departures. Alternatively, there are ferries from Venice and Ancona, Italy as well as flights from the capital Zagreb which you can connect to from other European centers. Tickets double in price as you get closer to sailing dates so book early.


Split-Dubrovnik: June 28, 2008 (17:00) to July 12, 2008 (09:00) 2 weeks
Dubrovnik-Split: July 12, 2008 (17:00) to July 19, 2008 (09:00) 1 week
(Tentative departure following the southern segment of the itinerary)  

*Other ‘flotilla only’ dates are available all season between May and October following a different itinerary than listed. Please contact our office for details.

By-the-cabin: Guests can reserve a double-bed cabin with 2-meals and beverages included per day aboard a skippered, lead yacht. Lead yachts are new model vessels (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour) between 44 and 52 feet, which offer double bed cabins with private washrooms.

  Cabin charter-1 week: USD$ 1995*
  Cabin charter-10 nights: USD$ 2595* (By special arrangement only)
  Cabin charter-2 weeks: USD$ 2995* per person

On flotilla: Guests can charter their ‘own yacht’ (bareboat) and sail themselves ‘on flotilla’ alongside our lead yacht. Flotillas offer guidance from an experienced skipper and allow trouble free sailing in a social setting with other couples, groups and families. Flotilla yacht charterers must also consider the yacht rental fee, provisions for meals, fuel, water fills, port/mooring fees, end cleaning, one way fees, yacht insurance and deposits. Flotilla services include: Daily chart briefings, Med. mooring/anchoring advice and/or assistance, 24 hour per day VHF and/or visual contact, site briefings and hikes, reservations at our gastronomic selection of restaurants, flotilla camaraderie and a race each day! Please contact our office for a full price quote and we will locate the right sized yacht for your group or sailing preference.

  Flotilla fee-1 week: USD $475* per yacht
  Flotilla fee-2 weeks: USD $750* per yacht

Note: We do not recommend yachts less than 35ft for the 2 week circuit as they do not make good time on the longer passages. We advise that novice sailors and couples who want to book smaller boats consider booking a cabin aboard the larger more comfortable 50ft flotilla lead yacht.

*All pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

Croatian currency: Kuna (HRK)
Exchange rates: USD$1.00=5.50 Kuna (HRK), EUR 1.00=7.00 Kuna (HRK)

Diocletian’s Palace site entrance fee 15 HRK / $3.00 USD per person
Restaurant Terra dinner theatre 440 HRK / $80.00 USD per person (gratuity included)
Mooring Ball at Primosten 140 HRK / $26.00 USD per ball
Krka National Park entrance fee 80 HRK / $15.00 USD per person
Kornati National Park entrance fee 80 HRK / $15.00 USD per person
Trogir Mooring/anchoring fee 150 HRK / $27.50 USD per vessel
Stari Gard Mooring 230 HRK / $42.00 USD per vessel
Spanjola Fortress in Hvar entrance fee 25 HRK / $4.50 USD per person
Korcula Museums 15 HRK / $4.50 USD per person per museum
Mljet National Park entrance 90 HRK / $16.50 USD per person
ACI Korcula Marina for a 50ft yacht 600 HRK / $110 USD for the night
Bus from ACI Marina to Dubrovnik 10 HRK / $1.80 USD per person return trip
Taxi from ACI Marina to airport 300 HRK / $55 USD
Taxi from town to airport 400 HRK / $72 USD

*All pricing is approximate and subject to change without notice

RESERVATION & PAYMENT POLICY: Bookings are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Flotilla boats must be rented though our office and are subject to availability when booking. Reservations can be secured at boat & travel shows, by telephone or by e–mail. A non–refundable deposit of 50% of the cruise/yacht & flotilla price is due within ten days of confirmation. The balance of payment is due 2.5 months prior to the departure of the cruise. Cabins usually have double bed berths so singles requiring a cabin to themselves will be charged a singles supplement of 50% of the cruise price. Alternatively, there is no supplement charged if single, shared bunk bed accommodations are available. Payments can be made by check to: Poseidon International. Credit cards may be accepted for the Flotilla boats by special arrangement only.

Cabin charter guests are not required to have any sailing experience but it helps if you do! A flotilla boat skipper is required to have a sailing license or a certificate from a recognized sailing school indicating ‘keelboat’, ‘coastal skipper’ or ‘bareboat experience’ level. Guests who want to rent catamarans should have a catamaran certificate. A VHF radio operator card or license is also requested at the time of booking.

As a result of the adventurous nature of this type of holiday, all guests aboard Poseidon Charters sailing programs will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to departure. Guests are advised to get medical, cancellation and property insurance for peace of mind while cruising. The yachts are fully insured for damage but guests must have their own personal injury insurance. Cancellation insurance is recommended and offered at any time after booking. Please contact our office.

As in all sailing holidays, adverse weather conditions may alter the proposed itinerary and delay flotillas. Captains and Program Directors reserve the right to have the flotillas remain in harbor for weather, technical and safety reasons and shall not be held responsible for any loss of funds. Poseidon International reserves the right to have a professional captain placed aboard a yacht, at the charterer’s expense, if it feels that the charterer is not experienced enough to travel safely with the rest of the flotilla. We also reserve the right to ask guests who demonstrate inappropriate behavior to terminate their tour and disembark immediately at the next port, where inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, disrupting the peaceable enjoyment of the tour, undermining the Captain or Program Director, excessive drinking, or creating “mutinous conditions”, without any applicable refund or recourse. We shall not be liable for any additional costs that guests may incur subsequent to such an event.

Krka Falls
Kornati Park
Fun in the Sun!

Croatia Flotilla Captain / Guide Bruno Kostadina



Another great 'By the Cabin' options for cruising the beautiful Croatian coast and islands is the fine vessel Adria - named after the Adriatic! The vessel is a large Turkish built Gulet that cruises a 1 week circuit in the spring summer and fall months. Adria has 15 each air-conditioned cabins with private washrooms. There are 4 cabins on deck and 11 cabins are below deck level. The cabin size is approx 8X9 M2. The prices are below in EUROS on a per person basis.
ITINERARY: Split - Hvar - Korcula - Lastovo - Vela Luka - Vis - Šolta – Split



Prices in €uros
Period A B C D
Adria   750 800 900


Flotilla Charters


A thousand islands set in the blue Adriatic sea, remote anchorages guarded by Venetian forts and fine Italian cuisine all right in the heart of Europe! Croatia has long been the best kept secret of European sailors.

Poseidon Charters brings together the top fleets of yachts, the best flotillas services and the foremost crewed charters available in Croatia. We offer more boats, more bases and the most competitive prices in the Croatian charter industry

Poseidon Charters offers our sailing guests the best choice of yachts and options in the industry. We have a selection of two hundred boats from three fleets and three bases in Croatia.


   BAREBOAT (Period price per yacht per week in US $)

Yacht Type
Size in feet
Jul 16 - Aug 26 May 28 - Jun 13 &
Aug 27 - Sep 30
Apr 2 - Apr 15 &
Jun 14 - Jul 15
Oct 1 - Oct 28 &
Apr 16 - May 27
Oceanis 321 1820 1750 1365 1155
Gibsea 33 2065 1890 1540 1225
Sun Odyssey 34 2065 1890 1540 1225
Sun Odyssey 36 2660 2205 1820 1505
Oceanis 361 2660 2205 1820 1505
Sun Odyssey 37 2660 2205 1820 1505
Oceanis 381 2940 2590 2030 1680
Oceanis 393 3150 2660 2135 1750
Sun Odyssey 40 3150 2660 2135 1750
First 42s7 3150 2660 2135 1750
Oceanis 411 3360 2800 2310 1820
Sun Odyssey 42 3360 2800 2310 1820
Sun Odyssey 43 3780 3360 2800 2100
Sun Odyssey 43DS 3780 3360 2800 2100
Sun Odyssey 45 4270 3710 3010 2345
Oceanis 461 4270 3710 3010 2345
Beneteau 50 6090 5180 4375 3570
Sun Odyssey 52 6090 5180 4375 3570
Athena 38 5040 4550 3710 2660
Catana 381 5040 4550 3710 2660

Terms, Conditions and Insurance for Flotilla Fleet

Flotilla Schedule for Flotilla Fleet

Period   Start Dates Flotillas Route
1 Week Kornati Every Sunday
North Route: Base: Kremik / Trogir / Milna / Stari Grad / Palmezana / Hvar / Rogac / Kremik base South Route: Base: Kremik / Zlarin / Vodice / Free Sailing / Primosten / Kremik base
1 Week Ruza Every Sunday Base: Yacht Club Orsan / Sipan Luka,(Sipan island) / Polace, (Mijet Island) / Free Sailing / Okiklje, (Mljet Island / Orsan
1 Week Rogoznica Every Sunday North Route: Base: Kremik / Zlarin / Vodice / Free Sailing / Primosten / Kremik base South Route: Base: Kremik / Rogoznica / Milna /  Palmezana /Free Sailing /  Trogir  / Kremik base
2 Weeks Zadar Every other Sunday Base: Kornati: Zut / Sali / Bribbinj / Molat or Veli Rat /Silba / Cres / Rab / FS / Pag Town Nin /Zadar / Kornati
2 Weeks Dalmatia Every other Sunday Base: Kremik  / Zlarin /  Vodice / Free Sailing / Primosten / Free Sailing / Free Sailing / Rogoznica  / Milna /  Palmezana / Free Sailing  / Trogir  / Kremik base
2 Weeks Dubrovnik Every other Sunday Base: Slano (Dubrovnik) / Okuklje (Island Mljet) / Pomena / Korcula / Scedro /Free Sailing /  Vela Luka / Lumbarda / Free Sailing / Polace / Sipan Luka/ Dubrovnik / Base Slano

Flotilla Fees
Yachts under 35 feet 225 / week
Yachts 39 to 44 feet 300 / week
Yachts over 45 feet 375 / week

Flotilla Fee Includes: Lead crew assistance, one windsurfer per flotilla and a welcome punch party.



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