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Greek Islands Flotilla

What is the Greek Islands Flotilla? Our flotillas in Greece are scheduled departures of several yachts together all following one 'lead' yacht. Aboard the lead yacht there are Skippers & Program Directors / guides to the destination who also double as technical specialists and as your social hosts -the flotillas usually offer a fair amount of camaraderie! Our Greek islands flotillas are the ideal balance between safety and adventure, between autonomous sailing and group vacations. Flotillas in Greece can be great for novice sailors and perfect also for experienced sailors who wish to visit new and foreign destinations. We offer a multitude of fun Greek islands flotilla departure dates throughout the season. The Greek flotillas offer something for all ages, all skill levels and if you do not have your own group, you can experience the Greek flotilla 'by the cabin' as well. Join our renowned Aegean Adventure Cruises Program itinerary on flotilla in Greece!

The Greek islands are not an easy place to sail. As a result of the small tricky harbors, with stern to 'Med. Mooring', we do not recommend casual sailors or experienced Caribbean charterers do a 'bareboat' charter, as a first time experience sailing Greece. Hours of uncertainty and tension each day takes away from quality holiday time. There is very little Caribbean style mooring (at anchor or on moorings in bays) as it is in general very deep off Greek islands.

Most nights in the Greek islands flotilla, expect to be beam to beam with a gangplank ashore and some night rafted up several boats deep inside a harbor. The weather is also something that charterers must consider on a first time visit. Strong winds 6 - 8 Beaufort (28-40 mile per hour) are not uncommon throughout the season with Meltemi north and Sirocco south winds. There are also local wind phenomena (venturi & funnels) and a lack of both navigational aids (international system) and mooring buoys. There are some very long crossings as well as a whole different set of customs and protocols at each island. For these reasons our Greek islands flotillas have become the most popular way to sail autonomously through the Aegean with the security of having inside knowledge of the region - as well as a little race each day! Flotilla guests benefit from our Skippers' and Program Directors' local knowledge of the harbors, weather conditions and forecasts, historic sites and excellent restaurants, yet they are not paying a 'skipper fee' and they are sailing on their own private charter yacht! Our experienced team of Aegean Adventure Cruise Program Directors and Skippers guide the Greece flotilla yachts from 'lead' boats, on which cabin charters are also available. See the Aegean Adventure Cruise page for precise details of the tour. Greece Flotilla guests are offered the following services:

1. Assistance with provisioning at departure in Athens and throughout the tour
2. Daily course, swim stop and harbor briefings
3. 24-hour VHF radio and visual contact (if desired)
4. Docking assistance at each port / anchorage
5. Flotilla guests are welcome to join on the archaeological itinerary excursions on shore
Guests benefit from the best local attractions, shopping and the 'gastronomic' selection of restaurants
Guests are welcome to join in on a beach BBQ on night four

The two-week Greek Islands flotilla 'Odyssey Cruise' covers the most complete itinerary in the Greek sailing industry! It is roughly 360 miles round trip and is a challenging sailing adventure taking in the most important archaeological, mythological and historical islands in the Saronic Gulf and central Aegean sea. *As a result of the tricky Med. mooring, the longer distances and potential high winds this itinerary ranges from intermediate to experienced level.

Greek Islands Flotilla Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive at Marina and sleep over aboard. Briefing. Day 9 Day (or optionally 2) in Santorini.
Day 2 Athens to Aegina, (Temple of Aphaia) then Poros Day 10 Ios to Tagania for lunch then onto Paros
Day 3 Poros to Spathi for lunch then onto Hydra Day 11 Paros to Mykonos
Day 4 Day in Hydra (night at remote beach for BBQ) Day 12 Mykonos to Delos return (by ferry see ruins)
Day 5 Hydra to Milos (dine under cliffs at Kleftiko) Day 13 Mykonos to Kea (hike to 600 BC Lion)
Day 6 Day at Kleftiko then sail to Adamas Port Milos Day 14 Kea to Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon)
Day 7 Milos to Ios (Homer's tomb) Day 15 Farewell at Athens at 09:00
Day 8 Ios to Santorini by ferry. Stay in Villa & visit sites    

7-day tour guests disembark at Ios on Day 8. 10-day tour guest disembark at Paros on Day 11. 7-day and 10-day tours may vary from the above itinerary.

Detailed 14-Day Greek Islands Itinerary

One week and 10 night Options for Greek Flotilla

Greek Flotilla yachts can be any size, 31-60 feet. It is recommended to charter at least a 36-foot for the longer crossings and bigger seas of the scheduled '2-week' Archaeological Adventure Cruise Greek islands Flotilla circuit.

There can be as many as 6 yachts per lead boat. There must be two certified or experienced sailors on every flotilla yacht and it must be chartered as a bareboat from our fleet of new Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria and Greek designed yachts with the standard contract and insurance requirements.

Greek Flotilla Charter Duration: 7-10 or 14 nights!

In order to enjoy the most from your Greek islands flotilla we suggest the full 2-week odyssey circuit. You can also join for 1-week and be in sync with a 2-week circuit for the first 5-6 days. The first option is to sail for 5 days with the group then have two 'solo' sailing days, round trip back to Athens. The returning boat crew is briefed on the 2-day itinerary stops and harbors on the return to Athens. The other option is doing a one-way drop off after Day 6 disembarking out at the Aegean island of Paros (one-way fees may apply to the yacht rental fee).

Option 1 (on a 10-day flotilla in Greece): Greek flotilla yachts can sail in the flotilla for 7 nights then deviate back to Athens through Serifos, Kithnos and Cape Sounion. Option 2 (on a 10 day Greek flotilla): Guests can reserve a one-way charter staying with the flotilla and dropping off the yacht at Paros Island on morning 11, where we have a drop-off base (one-way fees may apply to the yacht rental fee). Please contact our office for more details on these Greek flotilla options.

2008 Flotilla Schedule in the Greek Islands

Athens to Athens
Athens to Athens or Athens - Paros
Paros to Athens

May 3- May 17**
May 17- May 31
May 31- June 14
June 14 - June 28
June 28- July 12
July 12 - July 26**
Aug. 30 - Sept. 13
Sept. 13 - Sept. 27
Sept. 27- Oct 11**

May 3- May 10**
May 17- May 23
May 31- June 7
June 14 - June 21
June 28- July 5
July 12- July 19**
Aug. 30 - Sept. 6
Sept. 13 - Sept. 20
Sept. 27- Oct. 4**

May 10 - May 17**
May 23 - May 31
June 7- June 14
June 21 - June 28
July 5- July 12
July 19 - July 26**
Sept. 6- Sept. 13
Sept. 20 - Sept. 27
Oct. 4- Oct. 11**

** Greek islands Flotilla Departures will be confirmed based on bookings.

Greek Flotilla Prices per boat:

Up to 7 nights: USD $450, 10 nights: USD $599, 14 nights: USD $750

Prices subject to change. The flotilla fee is a minimum fee and does not change if yachts do not stay together for the full 7, 10 or 14 days.

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