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'Individual Options
Share a boat - join a group of like-minded adventurers and share the experience! Experienced old salts or complete newbies, it doesn't matter... it's the team spirit that counts.

Mostly "Singles" Sailing - travelling on your own? There's nothing like the fun, dynamic environment of a sailboat to make new and close friends.

Group Options
Bring Your Own Group - If you can get enough friends together to fill a boat (or more) you get great rates, and complete control of where you go.

Skippered and Fully Crewed - you help sail the boat, decide where and when to go... an active, participatory adventure

Fully Crewed - for those who would like a completely laid-back and relaxed time on board, add a first mate/cook to the recipe!

Bareboat Charters - for the qualified & experienced sailor(s) who wish to skipper their own boat.


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