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No, we are definitely NOT getting into the dating / matchmaking game ! Although we have had fun putting the occasional notch on the mast for new romances that have developed on our trips - this emphatically isn't the main aim.

Our "mostly singles" trips are designed for people who are travelling solo, or with a friend… but who don't want to BE alone on their vacation. They are perfect for sociable, gregarious folks who enjoy being with a small, fun group of fellow adventurers. One of the greatest things about a sailboat is how fast you get to know your new crewmates - the usual "social barriers" vanish within hours, and many people end up with longterm friends from meeting on our trips.

"Real" age is less important than age-between-the-ears on these trips - attitude is what counts most on a sailboat ! We've had groups ranging from early 20s to early 60s who've had a blast getting to know each other.

We do also target some of our groups as "younger singles" (generally meaning early 20s-late 30s) or "older singles" (mid 40s-late 50s) - if being with either of these age groups is something that you'd prefer - do let us know and we can keep you posted as these trips develop.

Why mostly singles? Because we sometimes get couples who love the active, get-out-there spirit of these trips…. and they want to come too ! One of the most fun things about these trips is the strong group dynamics that tend to develop… one has to put more energy into getting to know new people if you're travelling alone. So if you're travelling with a partner, but thinking "hey, that sounds like us - we'd like to be part of a fun, active group - you're very welcome too!

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