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KüsteThe 73 ft. steel-displacement yacht "Gisela"
is designed and built by STELLA MARIS in Holland from 1995 till 1998 in order to produce a comfortable luxury yacht. Since august 2003 we offer this exclusive and very well maintained yacht. the charter includes full board, plus drinks and fuel for cruising 200 nautical miles per week. For your comfort the yacht includes 3 crew members to look after your every need

Montenegro und KroatienOur cruising area is situated in the south Adriatic between Trogir in Croatia and Budva in Monte Negro. The closest airport is Dubrovnik in Croatia, our base is located in Herzig Novi in Monte Negro and it will be here that our guests embark and disembark. Having our base located in Monte Negro will save you 22% in VAT charges as Monte Negro is still tax-free. Transfers to and from the airport in Dubrovnik are included in the charter coasts and the travel distance between the base and the airport is around 35km

Two turbocharged engines with approximately 900 hp allow for a comfortable cruising-speed between 10 and 12 knots. Daily cruising of 3 till 6 hours will allow plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing once we arrive at our next destination.

AllThe crew consists of 3 fantastic people, your captain and chef, his wife, the hostess and a deckhand. The captain has extensive experience working as a professional kitchen chef and hotel manager in the Netherlands and Germany. He has successfully been managing the family run Stella Maris Yachting company since 1994.

As a family owned and managed company we are able to adjust our prices to accommodate your holiday needs. We welcome the opportunity to invite you on board the "Gisela" and look forward to showing you the wonderful sites of Croatia and Monte Negro while you relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery and breathtaking views.



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