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In response to the number of people who have requested to meet up with other people to share a yacht I have put up this page. It is up to you to form groups and meet up with people. I will be able to provide the yacht once you have made arrangements with the other people and will be happy to help you plan your trip....

Updated last on April 29, 2014

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May 6-16 approximately

I've never been to Greece travelling with a friend she does not like to sail so I would be doing this alone is there any suggestions as to where I would go and how long to stay and what I would see I would love to hear from you

Looking for time on the ocean with someone who can tell me of the history not sure of my plans or itinerary at this point thanks for viewing sincerely wanda

Cabin cruise available July 9-13
$1010 per person
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July 27- Aug 8


I am a 56 year old chef and I am travelling with my 59 year old firefighter husband. We are from Australia and love adventure, the water and lovely people. We need to travel at the end of July 2016. We are from Australia

Looking for an adventure! Swimming eating and exploring.


10th September, 2016

I am female and 55, a teacher and my partner is 63 (male). We are both young at heart, enjoy an adventure and wining and dining.

Looking for a skippered yacht to share to sail the Cyclades preferably for 7 nights

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