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What you Need to Bring on Your Charter

I often get the question "What should I bring with me on my charter?". Luckily Greece is a modern European nation and you should be able to get almost anything that you may have forgotten to pack. The one thing that might be difficult to replace is any prescription medicine you may need.

I think the best way to pack for a charter is to imagine that you are going to the beach for a week. Your clothing should be casual as there will be no black tie affairs. If you're traveling earlier in the season the weather will be cool to warm to hot and in the high summer season it will be warm to hot. With that in mind the temperature is usually a little cooler on the water so you'll want to have at least a wind breaker or sweater for the cooler evenings.

You'll want to have soft sole non-marking(usually white) deck shoes or sneakers. Leather soles are hard on the deck and can be very slippery so avoid them. Shorts, summer dresses, a bathing suit, short sleeve shirts or T-shirts etc....

I think that one of the most important things is to pack your belongings in a small soft suitcase or duffle bag. There is usually enough storage in most of the yachts for personal possessions but not for a large hard bulky suitcase. The last thing you want to do is have to handle the suitcase every time you want to move around the cabin.

The smaller things like toothpaste, sun tan lotion(or sun block), make up, vitamins, snack foods, books, cards etc.... can be found all over Greece so there's no need spend the 10 hours on the flight gong over your list and trying to remember whether you've packed every little thing you may have forgotten.


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