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Sailing In The Ionian islands

For a One Week Cruise

Welcome on board the yacht ANATOLIE

Sailing in the Ionian
Sailing the Ionian Islands 

Transfer from Athens Airport the Saturday (meeting at 4:30pm) then boarding the evening in Messolongi (close to Patras).

Transfer back the next Saturday with arrival at Athens Airport before 1pm.

There are many beautiful places in the area and Ionian offer generally excellent sailing conditions in July and August.

A very quiet weather, for those who aspire to a peaceful cruise on diaphanous waters.

In the middle of the day we anchor generally on a nice cove (lunch on board), swimming and snorkeling, and then we sail to the next Island harbor in the afternoon where you are free to visit and have dinner. We also swap and pass two nights on anchor in a nice bay, under the stars...

Map Ionian

Our private OR cabin cruises are from Saturday to Saturday.

This is the indicative itinerary offered for our cabin cruises. Should we also go to Fiskardo (the "St. Tropez" of Ionian), our itinerary focuses mainly on coves, small ports and islands in the area, out of big tourist places. If you choose a private cruise the Captain adapts the route to your wishes taking into consideration various factors such as ports, weather forecast and ... the return date.

Friday evening, return to Messolongi

Saturday: Leaving the yacht until 9:00am from Messolongi
This time can be earlier depending on your return flight time.


Our Ionian Photo Gallery

Cretian cuisine
Each day we stop at a nice cove or bay.
You have the opportunity to test the snorkeling or fishing gear and the paddle.
All while the crew prepare a good lunch based on fresh produce and olive oil.
A Cretian diet... but lots of it!

Our first stop will be Kefalonia...

Ionian islands
Mountains, sand, sun and sea... this is the Ionian!

Fiskardo. Here we often meet the most famous yachts of the world... and the harbour is very crowded.

Secluded Greek bays
But there are a lot of secluded bays...

Meals on a yacht charter holiday
And good meals on board... all with sea-view!

Starfish in Greece
So let's visit our neighbour downstairs...

Crystal clear Greek waters
We are not in the Red Sea but the water is so crystal clear...

Dolphins in Greece
And we have some visitors... dolphins, no sharks in the sea... only sometimes few on board ;-)

Kalamos harbour
Arriving at Kalamos harbour. On this island next to Skorpios, Onassis and Callas were often swimming.

Greek village
The courageous can walk to the village!

The small village of Mitika, the "real Greece"!

On the way to Messolonghi by boat
The last night in a bay, under the stars, before returning to Messolonghi on the last day



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