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For our weekly CABIN CHARTERS (Shared Yacht)

The cabin charter option is great for those who wish to share the yacht with other passengers, these cruises are friendly and warm, with always very good spirit on board, as to choose this kind of cruise, more authentic and close to Greek culture and nature than cruise-ships, constitutes a "natural filter".

Moreover as our yachts are large and comfortable you can keep your privacy on-board and decide to enjoy romantic dinners on shore - just the two of you if you wish ;-)

The IRINA is 74 gross tonnage (useful volume), it has nothing to do with a 50 foot sailboat usually around 25 GRT.

Nothing to do with a boat full of dozens of passengers with its noisy generator running ...

Our schooners are not "luxury". Instead they offer simple comfort, well above that of a smaller sailboat but you're not on a cruise ship.

A trip close to a private yacht ("one table" yacht), but with the authenticity of our traditional wooden boats.


Prices include:

  • Accommodation in double cabin, Insurance
  • Crew fees except tips (if you want "service included" option, add 7% to the price)
  • Water and fuel consumption, sheets and towels (beach towels are not included) ;
  • WiFi / 3G on board (99% of time effective, free for email use but not possible to download movies :-)
  • VAT on the new increased rate
  • For the Cyclades shuttle transfer from Mykonos or Syros Airport to the yacht the Sunday morning if needed
  • For our cruises to the Sporades islands or the Ionian in July and August we organize transfers from Athens Airport to the yacht and the Saturday return (arriving at the Airport at 4:30 pm) without any extra-cost (return the following Saturday to Athens Airport before 1pm)

Special cases:

  • Reduction for third person in a triple cabin - 50%;
  • A small child in the child's bed of a Master cabin pays only 35% of the price (65% discount);
  • Single supplement (single occupancy of a double cabin): + 60%
  • Single occupation as a third person of a single cabin/bed using the bathroom of the other cabin : 65% of the individual Standard + price (35% discount)

The half-board and open-bar contribution, lump sum to pay on boarding time, is to add and include:

  • Daily breakfast and one meal (lunch or dinner) on board (this is 7 breakfasts and 6 meals with wine included)
  • Basic beverages on the bar (self-service) you are free to have a drink when you want
  • Harbors and marinas fees and taxes during the trip
    This contribution is 275 Euro per person for the whole week (children from 5 to 12 pay 130â,¬).

The Only Extras:

The dinners on shore and the crew tips.
For the Cyclades cruises we start in Mykonos harbour.
For a "Standard" cabin type, its best to travel with 'soft' luggage.

The formula:

The boat is rented as a whole ("oliki navlosi") by the whole group, and you agree to be part of it (only 4 or 5 cabins on each schooner and departure is guaranteed with a minimum of only 4 passengers).
It is a grouping system that allows to enjoy a boat over 70 feet at a reasonable price.
It is close to a private yacht cruise, but with the authenticity of our wooden schooners. These yachts are "fifty", means to use sails with engines. Sails give stability and security when there is strong wind, but is rarely possible to use only the sails.

Good to know:

These are the 4 ways to make cruises aboard "small boats" (we offer the option number 3):

  • Option 1. "Bare boat": all tasks are carried out by our guests.
  • Option 2. "With skipper": The skipper is responsible for the operation of the boat, guests take care of provisioning, cooking, dishes, final cleaning etc...
  • Option 3. "With Skipper and hostess (or seaman-cook)": You do not have to do the shopping, preparing meals or doing the dishes.
  • Option 4. Yacht with full crew and "hotel service": Additional crew members are dedicated to passenger's service and other clean the boat during all the week. A yacht of this type has usually at least 5 crew members and the weekly price varies between 30,000 and 300,000 Euro for a group of 8 to 12 passengers. It is possible to find cheaper in Egypt or Turkey.

We offer the option number 3, with a family atmosphere on board. This means that you put your feet under the table, that the skipper is responsible for navigation, but no one is at the service of anyone, or everyone can be on the service to everyone when needed : team spirit. There are currently no cabin and hotel service and, in one week, each one will probably have the opportunity to put a little "hand dough" on various aspects of life on board (even to launch a drink).

If one is used to cruise ships with a whole part of the crew for passenger's service and expects the same thing, better to choose then a cruise ship or hire a yacht with at least 5 crew members. Our formula has advantages (small group, "as his own boat," access to small coves and fishing villages, authenticity), but everyone can have a small participation and there is no "hotel service".

Cabin Examples
"Standard" triple back cabin on the IRINA
Small windows - Shared toilet / shower

Yacht Irina Standard Cabin

"Standard +" back cabin on the ANATOLIE
Small WC / shower - reduced headroom

Yacht Anatolie Standard Plus Cabin

"MASTER +" front starboard cabin on the IRINA
Bathroom - Queen-size bed - large windows

Yacht Irina Master Cabin

Rules: A "Standard +" cabin has always one small private toilet / shower.
A Master cabin is larger, higher and has always a "queen-size" bed (160cm wide) and larger private toilet-shower or bathroom.


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