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Sailing Yacht Ageri

Sail with Captain Lik and his lovely hostess and wife Anastasia

The Company
The magic of the sea and our love for sailing made us create MYachting mcpy.

The name of the company is not accidental, as we want to show to the customers that the yacht which they will sail , as well the Captain on board, will make them feel that they are at their own yacht - home.

Since the Aegean Sea is one of the best places in the world for sailing and vacations ,we have decided to have our headquarters at the Kalamaki Marina located in its center and close to the Athens airport.

Our goal is the full satisfaction of the customer at reasonable prices, together with the outmost safety and comfort during the trip.


Why Us?

Our decision to invest on a sailing yacht with heavy construction, classic design and excellent sailing which we renovated in such a way that now it has nothing less than a similar brand new , has fulfilled our expectations.

The Yacht runs through the rough Aegean wave staying steady at her route. The passengers feel safe and secure even under the most difficult weather conditions.

In addition, the yacht is run by a Captain who:
Has a very long sailing experience of 40 years
He knows the Greek seas very well
He is an engineer by profession
He can also teach you (in addition to sailing)
wind surfing

free diving

Our long experience in yachting since 1986 has taught us that:
The yacht should not change crew every week
The crew should not only know the exact place of everything in the yacht but they should also know how to use them during emergency.
Only yachts which are fully equipped and properly maintained by professionals can cope with any possible difficult weather conditions of the Greek seas.



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