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In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great:
From Boy to King

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

For more than 2,000 years Alexander the Great has excited the imagination of people around the globe. This archaeological tour in Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a unique opportunity to retrace his early footsteps from his birth through to the beginning of his extraordinary 22,000 mile journey of conquest. Following in Alexander’s footsteps, we will explore the very best that ancient and modern Greece has to offer, from fascinating archaeological sites and museums to stunning mountain scenery and gorgeous sea-views. We will sample the finest wines and cuisine that the country has to offer, and see how the forces that Alexander unleashed shaped the development of the modern country itself. This tour not only provides an unrivalled introduction to Alexander and his world, but is perhaps the most complete and stimulating tour of Greece on the market today.

Travelling back through time we’ll explore the world Alexander grew up in, from the palace in which he was born to the rural idyll where he and his companions were educated by Aristotle. We’ll delve into Alexander’s personality and the lives of the people who inhabited his tumultuous world. We’ll follow in his footsteps from young prince to king and trace these action-packed years as he took on the mantle of warrior and leader with steely eyes set on the conquest of the Persian Empire.

Alexander’s formative years were dominated by the rapid expansion of the Macedonian kingdom, as his father Philip II carved out vast new provinces. We will explore this expanded realm from East to West and North to South, following routes that Alexander took as regent to his father, while familiarising himself with the land that he was born to rule. We will explore the lakes and forests of Western Macedonia, the new cities of Herakleia Lynkestis and Philippi that his father founded to secure his realm, and the rich and fertile heartland of the kingdom itself: Pella, Vergina and Edessa. We will visit the sites of some of the most famous sieges and battles that accompanied this rapid expansion, from the cities of Methone, Olynthos and Stageira to the battlefield of Chaironeia.

Having explored the epicentre of Alexander’s kingdom, and stood in the magnificent tomb where his father was laid to rest, we will head south into the heartland of ancient Greece. Here we investigate the cities and sanctuaries that played a key role in the development of Macedonia. From Delphi to Corinth, Olympia, Athens and Thebes, we visit some of the most significant sites in the ancient world.

Our adventure finishes in the most important sanctuary of the Macedonians, Dion, where Alexander feasted with his men and prepared them for the battles and marches to come on their epic journey east.

On this tour we will see some of the greatest temples, cities and tombs of the Greek and Macedonian world. We will travel through lush forests and steep mountain ranges; we will gaze out on the Aegean Sea and sleep by the shores of a beautiful lake. Along the way we’ll enjoy some of the best cuisine and wines that this wonderful region has to offer, and experience its renowned hospitality time and time again.

Why don’t you join us for this once in a lifetime adventure!

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great:
From Boy to King


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