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Level I- Introduction to Powerboating

This course is for those who are complete beginners. You need never have stepped on board any type of boat before. It is designed to give you the basic skills to operate a powerboat, but does not take you to a level where you can get a recognised 'licence' such as the International Certificate of Competence.

It's a good starting point if you feel that you need a really basic course, or if you'll only be driving a boat occasionally with a more experienced person on board.

It is also suitable for children of 8 years and above who will be driving under the supervision of an adult.


Powerboat Level 1 is a one day introductory course. You'll learn basic boat handling - starting/stopping, steering controls, leaving and coming alongside, together with the 'rules of the road' for boat users and some basic knots. The course will also cover personal safety afloat.

Although this is a course, you will have an enjoyable day while learning a new skill. You’ll visit a local taverna and there will be time to stop for a swim, snorkel, and sunbathe while at anchor in a pretty bay.


Level II-National Powerboat Course

If you already have some experience of boating but now want to be able to handle a boat more proficiently, this course is the one to take. It's the most popular of our powerboating courses as it leads to an internationally recognised certificate.

Although the course is at a higher level than Powerboat 1, you'll still have an enjoyable day with time for swimming (in the summer months) as well as boat-handling.


Powerboat Level 2 is a two day course in boat handling and seamanship. It covers launching and recovery and being towed, You'll learn basic boat handling - starting/stopping, steering controls, leaving and coming alongside, together with the 'rules of the road' for boat users and some basic knots. The course will also cover personal safety afloat.

The course normally includes a trip right around the island of Aegina on the second day, with stops at a couple of lovely bays for lunch, swimming (in the summer months) etc.

Enjoy yourself visiting parts of the island that others cannot reach.


Private Powerboat Course

We're happy to run private courses for one or more people. This is a popular option for friends or family who want to take up the sport together. Why not make a holiday of it and come and stay in one of Aegina’s friendly hotels for a few nights while you learn how to drive our fast RIB?

We can even run a course for a few hours each day over a longer period to fit with your holiday..


Own Powerboat Tuition

If you have a suitable boat it is possible to take a Level 1 or Level 2 course on your own vessel. We provide the instructor, teaching materials, and any additional safety equipment that we deem necessary. You provide the boat, fuel, lunches, and students (up to three per instructor).


Direct Assessment for Experience Powerboat Drivers

Are you already an experienced powerboat driver but do not have a certificate to verify your proficiency?

We can arrange for you to be assessed and can award the Powerboat Level 2 certificate to those who meet the required standards of competence.

You can take the assessment either on the school RIB or on your own boat.


In the morning our instructor will take you through what is required for the assessment and will ask you questions to check your knowledge of theoretical aspects. You will then have a chance to get to know the boat that you will be using and to get some coaching. You may be asked to help launch or recover the boat.


Theory: The Instructor will check your theoretical knowledge by asking questions on any of the following areas:

sea-keeping ability of different hull forms, engines and drives, choice and use of fuels, routine engine maintenance, basic fault diagnosis, engine close down procedure, use and limitations of GPS, sources of weather information, hand and sound signals, emergency action, towing and being towed, fire precautions and fire fighting, rope work, distress signals and the Mayday call, Rule of the Road, pilotage and passage planning, charts, chart symbols, buoyage systems

Practical: You will carry out a practical exercise during which you will be required to demonstrate various manoeuvres, including:

stopping and starting the engine, turning boat in own length, high speed runs, 'S' turns, 'U' turns, mooring alongside downwind, turning using warps, man overboard drill, securing to a buoy.


International Certificate of Competence(ICC)

Many countries, including Greece, require the owners or drivers of powerboats to hold a certificate of competence, even if only visiting the country for a holiday.

If you want to hire a yacht or powerboat abroad a licence or other certificate of competence will be required.

RYA qualifications are generally accepted worldwide, but there is a special provision for British citizens and residents to convert their RYA certificates into an ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

If you are a British passport holder or live in the UK you can get an ICC from the RYA once you have passed an appropriate course or Direct Assessment at a recognised training centre.

The certificate is free for RYA members and costs £35 for others.(Individual membership of the RYA is currently £33 for a year, or £30 if paying by Direct Debit, so it is cheaper to become an RYA member and then get a free certificate!)

The ICC carries your photograph and has information in a number of languages, including Greek. The RYA recommends that you carry this if you intend boating abroad.

We can provide you with the relevant documentation to obtain your ICC. You will need either a certificate showing that you have passed an appropriate RYA course, or we can give you an ICC test in a school boat (subject to availability) or your own boat. The appropriate courses are:

  • Sail (up to 24m) - RYA Day Skipper certificate
  • Powerboating (up to 10m) - RYA National Powerboat Scheme Level 2

contact us for more information.

We regret that, as a school offering British courses, we are unable to provide an ICC for other nationalities. The appropriate sailing body in your home country should be able to assist you with this once you have your RYA certificate.

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